Upgrade your Navi 600 to Navi 900

Garmin edge 800 TomTom for iPhone Navi 600/900 issues resolved
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Upgrade your Navi 600 to Navi 900

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Upgrade your Navi 600 to Navi 900

This will give you 3D maps and if you add the speed camera POI's you can setup the "dispaly alert option" so you'll get a message on the screen either 400yds or 200yds depending on what you set for the POI

you can backup your addresss book and POI's before hand (please read other threads for infoemation on how to do this)

You need:-

* An empty USB memory stick (formatted to FAT32)
* A blank CDR

It will wipe radio presets, address book, and saved destinations.

1. Download these two files:

2. Burn the ISO file to the CDR and copy the contents of the ZIP file to the root directory of the memory stick.

3. Go out to the car and switch on the navi system (ignition on or off doesn't matter), remove the SD card, and insert the memory stick. Follow instructions - it will fail at about 80%, this is expected.

4. Remove USB stick, insert CD, and switch unit off and on. This kicks you into the bootloader where it then proceeds to flash a load of stuff from the CD. Takes about eight minutes.

5. Reinsert SD card and let navigation initialise.

6. Reinsert memory stick and repeat installation - it'll work this time.

7. Give the system a chance to reboot a few times and it'll wake up to be a Navi 900.

Basically, the Navi 900 is set up to respond to voice commands (to choose radio station, for example) but our SD card is missing the voice files. So hitting the voice command button pops up a message saying that the language packs aren't installed. However, if you're on the phone screen, voice commands are routed to the bluetooth module and work normally.

info obtained from the following forum, you'll have to join but its free http://www.insignia-enthusiast.org/foru ... 094&st=135

Rescue PC
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